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Tommy Dewey and I co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in two seasons of NOW WE'RE TALKING. We worked with some of our favorite actors, two great directors, and an incredible crew. I had the time of my life making this series. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to accomplish professionally, but also the most rewarding. Because of the crazy adventure that took place in making NWT, it was both humbling and gratifying to receive a 2017 WGA nomination for the show (we lost - boo). I'm so inspired by the process of writing and producing new stories and I can't wait to create more series and films in the future.


Enjoy the pilot episode of NOW WE'RE TALKING right here!   

Synopsis: Two former NFL quarterbacks (ex-teammates and frenemies) work together to tackle the volatile world of sports media in a quest for post-career fulfillment. 


Season One: Seven episodes, varying in length between 8-11 minutes. Directed by Joe Nussbaum.


Season Two: Eight traditional half-hour episodes. Directed by Laura Murphy.  


NOW WE'RE TALKING is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good comedy, sports, or watching people navigating through an existential crisis. 

*NSFW: Adult language

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